Do you remember the first time you believed anything?

Our beliefs can end up becoming part of our lives before we’re even born. Sometimes, faith is like that. It doesn’t have to appear suddenly. Sometimes, there’s a moment when faith and belief click into place – the vision, message or proclamation is unmistakably clear.

Sometimes, faith and belief take us to a place of danger – a wilderness characterized by temptation, uncertainty or lost. It’s just as possible, though, for faith and belief to guide us to places of excitement.

Sometimes, faith and belief grow and change along the way. There may be a time when carefully crated expressions of faith and belief are unexpectedly wrenched from their very foundation.

All of us will have times in our lives when we don’t know what to believe.

Maybe, the knowing isn’t in what to believe.

At Journey of Faith Christian Church, we worship in a community that proclaims God’s love. We look to see God in our neighbors, close by and far away. We want to love as God loves.

Knowing isn’t really about what we believe as much as it is about – in whom we believe.

That can make all the difference, especially when you find yourself doing things differently, acting in faith.

In whom do you believe?

“Holy God, help us with our unbelief.”