resurrected 040915

In this season of passion, crucifixion and resurrection – it’s tempting to focus on the finish and forget to appreciate the life that came before it. The day-to-day life of Jesus is just as important as his death. We learn from him how to be people here on earth. In time, we come to know Jesus as someone who understands the mystery of life and sees the big picture.

In a “Peanuts” cartoon, Charlie Brown tells Lucy they must stop fighting and find a kinder way to resolve their conflicts. He tells her that the planet is filled with people hurting each other. He believes it’s possible to make a new world order.

Lucy listens to Charlie Brown for a minute and then, POW! She slams him to the ground and walks away saying, “I had to hit him, quick. He was beginning to make sense.”

Jesus’ gift of redemption made sense. Christ’s resurrection makes sense. Jesus peacefully, lovingly, obediently, gracefully and intentionally lived his days so that when they were done, we had a template for the kind of life God envisioned from the beginning.

A resurrected life still makes sense.

We’d like to see you on Sunday!

“Lord, make us like you. Amen.”